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At T&S Nutritional Services we provide Nutritional Consults, Noninvasive Lab Test and CPR Classes.  We also provide educational classes on various topics to enhance your health.

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Introduction Class on Essential Oils with the option to make an Essential Oil product.

All Natural Vegan Products

Are you in search of a product that is all natural, never animal tested and no additional chemicals added to the product.  If this sounds like a product you are interested in visit my website at:


When a group of 5 people sign up for a CPR class the 5th person will receive FREE REGISTRATION!!!!

When two people  sign up for a Nutritional Consulting session a third person may join in for a free initial consultation.

Product of the Month

The product of the month for November 2019 is Botaniques Body Wash!!! Contact me at 704-733-7012 for more information!!!

Oils for Everyday Use

Are you searching for an all natural alternative for cleaning and everyday use for everyone in the family? For all natural oils visit my website at:

product reviews


Whipped Body Butter Review

"I ordered the Rosemary Body Butter, and it's great!! As someone with sensitive skin  (eczema), I'm always a little apprehensive about trying new products, especially those that have scents, but I didn't experience any irritation from this product.  

It has a mousse texture, which I love.  It glides on smoothly.  It's not too thin or thick, making t good for cool and warm seasons,  My skin feels moisturized all day.  

The only thing that was slightly off putting was the strength of the smell when first applied.  It smells a lot like s'mores initially, but it does calm down into a much more subtle scent several minutes after application.

I would purchase this product again."

Review by: Ariana F

Whipped Body Butter Review

Healthy Products for a Healthy Family and A Healthy Home

Are you in search for all natural, never animal tested products for your home and family?  If this describes you visit my website at:

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Oils for Daily Use

Are you interested in learning more about pure, unadulterated Essential Oils?  Essential Oils are used for everything from cleaning to daily skincare!! for more information visit my website at: